Market research in the business to business area requires a different approach and some particular methodological specifics.

Seamless developed a significant experience in operating in many different fields: banking and finance, communication, consulting, energy, education, machine tools, building materials, etc.

Every B2B market research requires first of all a preliminary phase of immersion in the specific object of investigation.

Therefore, an initial assessment step through a close collaboration between the research team and the company is essential: the aim is to focus on the business questions and the dynamics of the reference market.

The quality of data and the way they are collected is a second key factor.
Researchers with high professional standing allows us to involve the right people (the real decision-makers), usually not available or difficult to reach. The attention in the management of the contacts, the capability to make the interview an opportunity also for interviewers, represent concrete and decisive strengths.


Lastly, what distinguishes Seamless approach is the capability to integrate and dialogue with different information sources: qualitative or quantitative researches, market data, web analysis & monitoring.