About us




We are a research institute, founded in 2017
For us, doing research means working closely with the business logic of our customers,
offering insights and guidelines for their strategic and operational choices.


We offer innovative approaches and tools, integrating the classic market research with the new business intelligence opportunities offered by digital technologies.







We are independent, that’s why we exclusively operate according to the aims of our customers, to find the best solutions for their needs. We do that with enthusiasm and passion, experience and professionalism, honesty and transparency.




Our proposals go straight to the point and are time and cost efficient: smart price, high value. We always have a tailor made approach, fast and responsive, agile and flexible, able to adapt to the times and needs of our customers.




What really matters to us is to understand the logic of the business we are dealing with, as to give concrete answers: focus on business question, actionable results, support for decision making and implementation processes.




Our gaze has always been toward future:
to find out today the main trends of tomorrow.
We offer updated and innovative tools and services
able to dialogue with the most advanced marketing and communication approaches.






Today everything is fluid and widespread, not linear:
identities and opinions, data and information, but also development and innovation processes, the relationship between brands and their consumers.


The capability to be competitive on market and to generate innovation therefore, mainly depends on the capability to break down barriers, to connect, to integrate and to contaminate.


We want to be an element of connection and integration: connecting different data and information, making different and complementary worlds and competences dialogue between each other,
integrating our activities with the processes and needs of our customers.
We do this starting from our experiences and skills, with an open and collaborative style, made up of listening, dialogue and comparison.






Key People


Lorenzo Bernorio – Managing director


For 18 years he has been working in market research, dealing with companies, media, marketing & communication, business intelligence systems.

His career started from curiosity for the dynamics of social change and their impacts in the concrete areas of the business.


His hastagh is #businessfirst.


Francesca Casa – Managing partner


For 15 years, she has been involved in market research, both local and international.

Her career started from an interest in psychology applied to the concrete and creative environment of consumption and marketing.


Her hashtag is # ilfuturoèqui …we just have to find it out.