Customer journey analysis

The brand experience is a journey decided by the consumer. Sharing this path gives the taste and the astonishment of the discovery and creates intense and meaningful connections.

Research and innovation

Nowadays, the innovation processes require market research innovative tools and a greater ability to fit with companies’ creative process and developmental path.

Neuro-marketing tools

When, how and why neuromarketing tools can offert benefits and generate opportunities.

Omni-channel campaign

Testing a communication campaign, for us means focusing on the role of each one of the touch-point and optimizing connections and synergies.

Cross-media oppurtunity

The audience only think in a cross-media way. Starting from the media journey, to imagine a multi-platform offer.

Web reputation analysis

Diving into the web means making a virtual experience of the consumers mindset. What is virtual, is real.

Smart city, Smart home, Smart citizen

Cities technology upgrades can be successfully achieved only by foreshadowing the impact of innovation on citizens' lives in a realistic way.

The client as focus point of the Real Estate

Meet differentiated housing need in terms of architectural, technological and service contents.

About us

About us

For us, research means working closely with the business logic of our customers, offering insights and guidelines for their strategic and operational choices. Always with a smart style: open and collaborative, agile and flexible.
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We operate in different fields and in within each of them we developed a solid background of skills and experience, working with national and international standing clients.
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Visions & Solutions

Visions & Solutions

Find out today the main trends of tomorrow, with a fresh, lively and constantly evolving point of view. We offer innovative visions and solutions that are able to dialogue with the most advanced marketing and communication approaches.